Course description

Parents: This course empowers children and teens to live more confidently, every day of their lives. The course includes videos, cartoons, worksheets and audio (guided meditations); there is one each week for 4 weeks, or if your child wants to, you can chose to complete it quicker. It also includes actions to practice for each week. It ensures that no matter how you learn and what your experiences have been so far, you can boost your confidence by learning how to think differently about yourself. Some children may require adult assistance for some sections - depending on their reading, comprehension and writing ability. 

Caoimhe O' Grady Tegart

Caoimhe O' Grady Tegart

Child and Teen Life Coach, Founder of The Confidence Clinic

Caoimhe is a fully qualified Child and Teen Life Coach. She has been working with children and teens since 2011, and has gained a reputation for getting quick results for children with difficult problems including bullying, anxiety, friendship problems, exam stress and low self esteem. She has been featured in newspaper articles and interviewed on radio a number of times. She has always worked with people and has a huge interest in how our minds work. Her initial career was Human Resources & Training and she has a Bachelor of Commerce in HR and Masters in Psychology. Once she became a Qualified Personal and Business Coach she knew she had to help children and teens, and found them extremely quick to respond to her methods and techniques. 

Course Contents

8 Videos

3 Surveys

1 Quiz

5 Texts

4 Audios

4.0 hrs